New MetaTrader 4 Server Launched

New Server Login Instructions

This is a follow up email to the emails sent last week and yesterday in regards to the move of your account to the new MetaTrader 4 server. Some clients have not been receiving emails, please disregard this email if you have been receiving our earlier emails and have already logged in to the MetaTrader 4 server.

The migration is now complete, this was finalized yesterday and all clients should now be able to login to the new server. Please follow the instructions below to connect your account to the new server and prepare your MetaTader 4 terminal for trading next week.


How to Login

Your current MetaTrader 4 terminals are programmed to point at a specific ‘IP address’. The new server has a different IP address which you will have to enter in to the login screen in order to connect your MetaTrader 4 terminal to the new server. Please follw the steps below for this

1. Open your MetaTrader 4 terminal
2. Click on file at the top left corner of the platform
3. Select login
4. Enter your login details
5. Enter the IP address in the ‘server’ field.
6. Click login

The screenshot below shows you where to enter the new IP address:

ip address login



Your charts currently have a symbol with an ‘i’ suffix, as an example EURUSDi. On the new platform there will be no ‘i’ suffix following the symbol so the charts will have to be refreshed.

waiting for update 2

To refresh a chart simply left click on the symbol you want to place on the chart, drag the symbol from the market watch on to the chart. When you do this the chart will automatically refresh and you should see the data update.

Data on the majors should no go back decades on the daily, weekly and monthly charts. Data on the smaller time frames should also be increased significantly.


Platform Time & Trading Hours

The new server time will be set to GMT +3 “New York close”. This means the daily charts will now observe a 5 day week rather than a 6 day week with a small Sunday bar.

The platform hours will be:

00:00 Monday morning (GMT +3) to 23:59 Friday evening (GMT +3)

Expert advisors GMT offset settings will have to be modified to GMT +3 to accommodate the move to the new server.


Open Positions and Pending Orders

All open positions and pending orders will be moved to the new server and will not be affected by the move. Existing positions in your account history will continue to show the ‘i’ suffix following the symbol, current and future positions and orders will not have this ‘i’ suffix.


Account History

All account history from the existing server will be moved with your account. When you run history reports from inside your MT4 terminal you should be able to see all your history since your first deposit.

The new server will have faster order processing speeds, better stability and more price updates (for our clients using automated trading systems). We hope you enjoy the improvements!